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Danish queen visits Nanjing memorial hall

Queen of Denmark Margrethe II became the first sitting head of state to visit the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall on April 27.

Observers said the visit also underscored support from Denmark, one of the victims of World War II.

She said the hall recorded the darkest history of the city, Custom your own case and although history cannot be changed, lessons can be learned to face the future.

The hall commemorates more than 300,000 Chinese killed by Japanese soldiers after they occupied the city, then the Chinese capital, on Dec 13, 1937.

Inside the memorial hall, the queen and her husband, Prince Consort Henrik of Denmark, visited the corridor adorned with photographs depicting Bernhard Sindberg, a Dane who helped save up to 20,000 Chinese during the massacre that lasted for 107 days.

Sindberg, along with German colleague Karl Gunther, established a camp for Chinese inside the Jiangnan Cement Factory, run by a Danish firm. They also set up a small field hospital for the wounded and tried to provide food and other supplies to the refugees.

Xi calls for anti-terror tools in Xinjiang

President Xi Jinping has urged police officers in the design your own phone case Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region to devise "effective ways" to deal with terrorists.

"I care very much about your equipment and training. It is necessary that you have effective methods to handle violent and terrorist criminals," Xi was quoted by Xinhua News Agency as telling officers at a police station on April 28 in the westernmost border region of Kashgar, home to more than 4.3 million people from 47 ethnic groups.

"The training must simulate real combat. Sweat more in peacetime to bleed less in wartime," he added. "The Kashgar region is the front line in antiterrorist efforts and maintaining social stability, the situation is grim and complicated. Grassroots police stations are 'fists and daggers' so you must spare no efforts in serving the people and safeguarding public security."

Xi began an inspection tour of Xinjiang on Sunday, his first visit to the region since becoming the top leader in November 2012.

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