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Collection iPhone 5 / 5S Case iPhone cases

Apple is known for designing some of the most beautiful products in the world and its $29 cases for the new plastic iPhone 5C today, it was a letdown. Apple tried to design a case that would let the colorful phone shine through, but it falls pretty short....

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there's something good in every day.

Sometimes what you want isn't always what you get,but in the end what you get is so much better than what you wanted.Life is not perfect, if you find a mistake; start again, others do not forgive you, you can forgive his own; Do not use a mistake to cover...

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Deadly Meningitis Cases Worry Gay Community

A series of bacterial meningitis cases in Southern California and New York City, resulting in the deaths of several gay men, have set the gay community on edge. However, preliminary tests suggest the cases on each coast aren't connected. Health activists...

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Qualcomm probed for price-fixing in China

Qualcomm Inc's booth at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Qualcomm reported $12.3 billion in revenue from China in the year ended Sept 30, which was equal to 49 percent of its total revenue. [Provided to China Daily]BEIJING - China's...

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